What is RPA, Anyway?

We’re on a mission to make your
business processes more efficient.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses
software robots to perform workflows within business processes in
an automated way, allowing your human employees to focus on
value-generating work.

What is RPA?

RPA is a software technology that makes it possible to build, run, and manage software robots that interact with digital systems and applications to perform rules-based tasks the way a human would.

Wait, robots?

The ‘bots’ we build and deploy are lines of code that run either on a computer or virtual machine. These bots are able to work faster and more consistently than humans, eliminating the risk of human error in these processes while creating time and resource savings. Since RPA bots are capable of quickly handling rules-based decisions, RPA is an ideal solution for streamlining manual, repetitive tasks.

Some of the most common RPA
use cases include:

Data entry

Resume evaluation

Payroll processing

Bank reconciliations

Payment processing
and cash application

Invoice processing

When should my business or department use RPA?

RPA has a wide range of abilities, but some business processes are more suitable for automation than others. Determining which types of processes a business should automate will help drive the most meaningful outcomes. Click below to read our 1-pager on determining which processes to start automating.

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A lot of firms offer
digital transformation
services. How is
Accelirate different?

The automation needs of modern businesses can be complex and deeply technical, creating a high demand in the space for skilled expertise from real specialists. That’s where we come in! Since Accelirate is a pure-play RPA services provider, our team is entirely dedicated to process automation and cognitive technologies. While large consulting firms may offer RPA programs in addition to their advisory services, Accelirate’s highly focused approach allows us to get right down to business without wasting months of your time on lengthy, high-level consulting. Our approach has helped companies across industries get their RPA programs off the ground in as little as three months. (Check out our client success stories for more details.)

How does Accelirate use the
power of RPA to build solutions
for our clients?

Check out our automation offerings and some examples of our client success stories.

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