AI90X® 90-Day Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Program

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Accelirate’s AI90X Program is designed to help introduce AI into enterprise automation programs through a quick and results-driven methodology. Most companies are eager to apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into their businesses, yet, they don’t know where exactly to start. What kind of problems can AI solve for an enterprise? How can an enterprise ensure their data is safe? How much does AI cost to implement? and How much time and money can it save? With AI90X, Accelirate is able to answer these questions by thoroughly evaluating the enterprise’s need for AI in automation, and teaching the team on the client-side everything there is to know about operating and capitalizing on the AI and Machine Learning enhancements.

Stemming from our expertise in the realm of Robotic Process Automation we know that the future involves more intelligent solutions to business problems than purely the solutions from simple automation. So, in addition to helping you achieve your automation goals, Accelirate will incorporate data-driven predictions and decision making into your business by leveraging state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms. Artificial Intelligence, at the heart of it, is a Prediction and/or  decision Support Technology that uses massive internal and external data stores, allowing a business to “predict” outcomes. Possible Use Cases include, but are not limited to:

  • A Recommendation Engine which recommends products or music to consumers based on their buying or listening patterns
  • All sorts of business forecasting beyond basic historical analytics and based on patterns observed from internal and external data sources (including Financial Forecasting, Inventory Forecasting, etc.)
  • Sales & Marketing optimization; targeting the right customer at right time and place using the gobs of data available on customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Customer Service via Chatbots and other text and voice-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) based Conversational Technologies


  • AI/ML Opportunity Documentation for 3-4 for Business Problems
  • Project Proposal for 1-2 Business Problems
  • EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) Final Report & Model


  • Within 90 days the client will have working AI/ML model data producing tangible results
  • Introductory knowledge on the benefits and capabilities of ML and AI
  • Methodology for identifying trend and patterns in the data
  • Model Optimization and identified target performance achieved

Value Proposition

  • Shortlist of AI Opportunities with Feasibility and Estimated ROI
  • A fully-trained working model that provides proof of value
  • Model Deployment Plan
  • Model Performance Metrics and Monitoring