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RPA-COE Establishment

Enterprises looking to scale automation initiatives need a Center of Excellence to provide governance, strategy, vision, methodology, a service model, and the technology for successful digital transformation.

An automation COE plays a critical role as the COE is in charge of setting up an enterprise program that can scale with sudden influxes of automation requests and navigate the technical challenges of setting up the infrastructure, bot IDs, and VMs necessary. Whether the COE sits in IT, shared services, or somewhere else, the structure of that governing body is directly linked to the success an organization will have with Automation.

Accelirate has jump-started and scaled hundreds of automation programs and has used a proven COE Establishment Methodology to help clients set up a Center of Excellence using the governance model that best fits their organization’s needs. The basic functions of a COE fall under the following five broad categories:

1 Vision

2 Strategy and Governance

3 Methodology

4 Service Model

5 People and Technology

Accelirate’s RPA-COE Establishment Program helps enterprises set up an Automation Center of Excellence while avoiding the common missteps. We find that the best COEs have delivery capability built into them right from inception and are responsible for delivering real-life, business value solutions.

Our team understands the value of a strong Center of Excellence. The COE provides Demand Generation and Management, Process Analysis, Automation Development (Configuration), and ongoing maintenance and support – all critical to the success of an RPA Program. Our tools and expertise will help you lay the foundation for a robust digital transformation. As best practice, we recommend having the COE sit in a group that has enterprise exposure and visibility into other enterprise standards and initiatives. Regardless of where the COE is set up, our recommendation is to have the COE seeded with delivery capability and equipped with a staged maturity plan.

Setting up an automation program for the enterprise requires a thorough understanding of not only challenges that are unique to RPA but also expertise with infrastructure and DevOps.  In order to successfully tackle digital transformation initiatives, an RPA-COE needs to establish three verticals:

  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • Operations Center

*Governance and Business Continuity are disciplines that run horizontally across these verticals

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RPA-COE Verticals and Program Deliverables



Automation Program Vision Mapping, Opportunity Assessment, Service Model Foundation, and Demand Management Training



Enterprise COE Location Mapping (Where the COE Should Sit), Organizational Operating Model Creation, Determine Execution and Escalation Procedures



RDLC- Process Automation Delivery Methodology, Standardization of Enterprise Automation Procedures, COE Best Practices Coaching

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