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Transitioning Processes to a ROC and Estimation

Automation Dashboards within a ROC | Reporting and Monitoring

Intelligent Bot Scheduler

Total Cost Ownership and ROC Optimization-True Cost of Support

RPA at Enterprise Scale | Automation workshop Wednesdays

Process Discovery – Establishing the Vernacular

Process Mining Establishing Insights 1

Process Discovery- Capturing the Context

Process Mining How – to Transform Your Data

Task Mining and Task Definition

Leveraging UiPath Process Mining | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

Scaling to a Bot For Every Person

Supporting the Citizen Developer – Having Clear Guidelines in Place

Running a Successful Bot-a-Thon and UiPath StudioX | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

How to Automate Your Enterprise Call Center | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

RDA vs RPA | Accelirate RDA Technical Workshop

Integrating OCR in RPA While Ensuring Data Security | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

Governance and Support for ‘A Robot for Every Person’

Building Out Your ‘A Robot for Every Person’ Automation Program

Setting Up Your Business for ‘A Robot for Every Person’

Identifying RDA Opportunities | Accelirate RDA Technical Workshop

RPA and Document Understanding | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

AI and ML based Document Processing in RPA

Use Cases for Using AI and ML in RPA

Using AI and ML with RPA

Introducing AI to RPA

Human in the Loop Solutions

How We Develop Internal Automations

How to Leverage Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Accelirate ROC Stars

ROC Stars, Episode 2: Meet Our L1 Lead

ROC Stars, Episode 3: Meet Our L2 Lead

ROC Stars, Episode 4: Meet Our Infrastructure Engineer

RPA-COE: How to Track and Manage Your Team’s Productivity

Different Approaches to Process Approval Workflows in COE

Integrating RPA into Salesforce | Automation Workshop Wednesdays

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