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Automation Delivery Pods Supported By Specialized Automation Experts

Rather than traditional staffing, automation clients prefer to engage with a full lifecycle pods-based solution. With the Accelirate Delivery Pods and ATLAS Team, automation programs can scale quickly and efficiently with the correct specialized roles fit to build and deploy any smart business process automation solution.

Award-Winning Delivery Approach

Our pod-based automation delivery approach ensures all your bases are covered, with each dedicated RPA delivery pod including a business analyst, an RPA engineer, and an RPA lead. This coordinated, cross-functional approach allows for the quick and cohesive delivery of skilled business analysis and process documentation, as well as expert automation design and implementation to help our clients see real results with their automation initiatives. Supported by our robust ATLAS team, each automation project pod has the ability to be customized to meet the client’s automation needs.

Whether its a process mining project, a machine learning algorithm, or a document processing automation, the ATLAS team has specialized and expert-trained resources to build the client’s desired delivery pod. At Accelirate, we feel that a siloed, “body-shop”, approach is not successful in building, deploying, and supporting fruitful process automations.

Consumption and Usage-Based Automation Software Licensing

Accelirate’s consumption-based licensing model enables customers to leverage RPA without any upfront or ongoing bot license costs. With this, customers are able to recognize ROI for an automation as it goes into production with the ability to pay for their RPA usage by the minute and convert to an enterprise structure when it best meets their schedule.

Accelirate is one of the first and only Automation Services providers that offers this type of software license pricing for the top automation software platforms. For a SMB and mid-market companies, having the ability to pay for exactly what they consume gives them the confidence they won’t have any automation “shelfware”, and it lets them get their automation programs started faster. For large enterprises, the consumption-based approach allows them to scale their licenses to include parts of their program that don’t require dedicated or constant licenses.

Compared to the traditional automation software licensing model in which a customer purchases licenses based on their maximum capacity needs, the consumption model eliminates upfront licensing costs so customers pay only for their actual RPA usage. A consumption-based approach also offers considerable value to businesses seeking to leverage automation for high-volume events or one-off processes, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Application standardization
  • Surge and seasonal processes
  • System modernizations
  • Other large-scale data migrations

Customers are not required to consume a minimum number of licenses or minutes and can tailor the model to their needs. Consumption-based pricing is offered in addition to existing automation managed services pricing models.

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RPA Dedicated Delivery Pod

Process Analyst

  • Process Definition
  • SLA Definition
  • Escalation Procedures

RPA Engineer

  • Automation / Development / Testing
  • UAT Support
  • Development Support

RPA Lead

  • Solution Design
  • Process Design
  • Technology Architecture
  • E2E Configuration

Structured Deliverables

Our RPA programs deliver a development and production-ready environment, as well as in-production processes that show quick time to value. Clients will learn about RPA from the Accelirate team and determine the goals and plans for their digital transformation. Once process candidates have been evaluated and selected, implementation begins and the groundwork for a broader implementation plan is put into place.

After a successful deployment, clients aiming to scale can work with our team to set up a Center of Excellence and robust operating model. Accelirate also provides process discovery engagements, citizen developer training programs, and process mining services to support every stage of the client’s broader transformation roadmap.

RPA Success Stories

RPA Transforms Operation at Major Oil and Gas Corporation

For this Large Oil and Gas Client, Accelirate’s automation implementation services helped them fully understand RPA and the business value it delivers beyond just time and monetary savings. When the client approached us, they were new to automation technology. Within three months, Accelirate delivered two complete processes deployed into production, resulting in over $15,000 returned to the business monthly. The success from the program and the relationship built with Accelirate during the creation of this first wave of processes ignited a passion to implement automation throughout their entire organization. The client now has 75+ automations in production, a pipeline for the next 2 years of processes built out, and has furthered their digital transformation by building automations with integrated OCR and Machine Learning technology.

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