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Turn Key Automation Program
Everything Needed for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Process Automation Software Licenses on Chosen Platform

Process Discovery, Analysis, and Automation Pipeline Services

Automation Bot Design, Development, and Deployment

Automation Monitoring and Support

Transform your digitization expenses with all inclusive RPA-as-a-Service.

Accelirate’s ‘RPA-as-a-service’ offering helps customers accelerate digital transformation by providing all the necessary ingredients to automate business processes. This unique, fully managed RPAaaS model enables customers to execute full digital transformation and gain all the benefits from a successful automation program through one all-inclusive package. By combining software licensing, process discovery, development, deployment, and automation support services, organizations are able to remove stress and friction from their automation efforts and can more easily scale their programs at a desired rate with total cost transparency.

RPA-as-a-Service originated from the idea that clients were seeking an alternative to traditional physical infrastructure and switching to monthly cloud payments for all their IT needs. With organizations changing the way they consume automation, Accelirate wanted to provide a package that encapsulated everything needed for automation into one payment.

To better calculate digital transformation budgets and guarantee that no necessary pieces are missing, CIOs and CFOs were looking for a simple solution to achieve the best automation results. With RPAaaS, Organizations have the ease of paying one monthly fee to enable their entire automation program as Accelirate handles all the licensing and infrastructure required to fully equip the RPA analysis, deployment, and development, and support teams.

RPA-as-a-Service Advantages

  • Fully Managed Enterprise Automation Service
  • Bundled Monthly Payment Model for all your Automation Needs
  • Includes Expert Process Discovery, Analysis, and Automation Pipeline Building
  • Flexible and Scalable Model to Digitally Transform at the Desired Pace
  • Reliable, Structured Outcomes
  • Licenses Continuously Delivered and Renewed on Time

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