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What is Process Mining?

Accelirate’s process mining practice helps organizations in any stage of the process mining journey, by utilizing the data created by business processes that run every day. By transforming a business processes data into event logs, we can perform process discovery to help better understand a business process, conformance checking to make sure a process is running as expected, or search for areas of enhancements and automation opportunities. From small-scale pilots to full end-to-end process mines to creating a COE for process mining Accelirate’s team of process mining experts are here to help. Our team works on several different mining platforms to deliver a process mine in the platform of your choice. Mine processes in as little as one-month engagements.

Reasons to Mine


Help give a clear understanding of how your processes run every day and the steps, interactions, and variations that occur.


Check whether the real-world process that your data systems are showing conforms to the ideal version of the process stored in your process maps and understanding.


Looks to help identify bottlenecks, throughput times, wait time, sequence time, and other time-related metrics in your process.


Help identify areas that automation may be useful in a process and monitor the effects and value created by that automation over time.

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Our Process Mining Services
Service Offerings

Bronze Mine

  • Small Scale Pilots for Mining
  • 1 Data System
  • 1 Small Process or Sub-Process
  • Proves the Usefulness of Mining
  • 1 Month Engagement

Silver Mine

  • Full Process Mine End-to-End
  • 1-2 Data Systems
  • Get Total Insights Into Your Business
  • 2 Month Engagement

Gold Mine

  • Full Process Mine End-to-End
  • 2+ Data Systems
  • COE Establishment for Mining
  • Infrastructure Setup and Assistance
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Data Pipelines and Continuous Monitoring
  • 3 Month Engagement
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Process Mining Lifecycle

Process Mining Service Deliverables

  • Custom ETL Data Connector
  • Custom Process Data Visualization Application
  • Process Analysis and Insights Documents
  • Data Pipelines and Continuous Monitoring
  • Integration to Action Center
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • COE Establishment

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