Pipeline30X 30 Day Focused Process Discovery

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Are you looking to begin your journey into RPA but you’re stuck on which business areas to tackle first? Have you started your RPA journey by automating low hanging fruit, but now not sure how to proceed further? Do you have a few processes in mind but aren’t sure if they present a good enough ROI to justify the effort? Pipeline30x can help in all of these scenarios!

Pipeline30X is a 30 business-day engagement that is designed to discover processes best fit for automation and deliver a robust automation roadmap that provides the business a strategic execution plan for 9-12 Automations. The Pipeline30X Discovery Program is a fixed timeline and fixed outcome service for a fixed price. By executing a Pipeline30X engagement, an enterprise pays one price for a guaranteed automation roadmap of 9-12 ROI and automation benefit-focused processes for development and deployment.


Accelirate’s Pipeline30X methodology utilizes a data-driven approach to identify key candidates for transformation and automation, while requiring minimal amounts of your business’s time. With our delivery pod made up of a Transformation Lead and a Process Architect, enterprises can:

  • Digitally transform key focus areas of their business
  • Select the best processes for desired ROI and benefits
  • Prioritize development projects based on need
  • Build a roadmap of 9-12 automations with desired deployment speed
  • Visualize automation opportunities via Opportunity Dashboard and Profile
  • Continuously scale automation initiatives with on-going discovery

Our team makes these goals a reality though our four main phases of Analysis:


When complete, the final deliverables of the Pipeline30X program are:

  • Opportunity Roadmap
  • Process Pipeline
  • Opportunity Dashboards
  • Opportunity Pipeline Dashboard

These items lay out the proposed automation solution plan for up to 12 RPA projects. All information discovered and analyzed throughout the Pipeline30X project, including key metrics and deliverables, will be stored in our Opportunity Roadmap.

With Pipeline30X, the organization will endure a full process discovery engagement built to meet their needs and exceed their goals for digital transformation. Whether the organization is looking to save time, money, increase throughput, maintain employee counts, or all of the above, everything necessary to scale automation is delivered through this tried and true practice.

Each opportunity discovered is assessed using our proprietary automation assessment and analysis tool to determine automation potential and ROI estimates. All information discovered and analyzed throughout the Opportunity Assessment process will be stored into the Opportunity Dashboard with a detailed Opportunity Profile containing key metric information regarding each opportunity. These items (exemplified below), are delivered to the organization as a snapshot of why the process should be automated, how it should be automated, and what benefits the automation would return to the business.

Last, Accelirate then collaborates with the business to build a strategic execution pipeline that best aligns with the strategic goals of the enterprise. All key metric information regarding each opportunity including Potential Annual Savings, Implementation Cost, and Implementation Wave Proposals will be stored in the Opportunity Pipeline Dashboard. This dashboard is used to schedule the deployment pace of the automations and is a digital transformation management tool built to deliver ROI and keep projects on track.


How is Pipeline 30X different from Accelirated Discovery?
Pipeline 30x has a more focused approach, targeting 1 Key Focus Area at a time, working on a definitive timeline and producing scalable deliverables of 9-12 Automations. Accelirate’s Pipeline30X methodology ensures that the opportunities discovered can be delivered quickly and provide excellent return on investment (ROI). Whether your business is new to RPA or already has internal RPA capability, this engagement will provide a path that will help grow your RPA Program.