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Process Automation can provide countless benefits to all departments and all industries. Whether it’s RPA, Desktop Automation, Process Mining, Machine Learning, Document Understanding or some other smart automation technology, organizations of all kinds will find areas of opportunity for savings through digital transformation.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

In addition to automating many Clinical Processes that are people intensive, automation software can be used to automate many Finance, Accounting, and HR operations within the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry. RPA software can provide solutions for processes such as Validation and Change Management procedures as most all RPA software has robust Audit Logs that allow the ability to trace and account for every action taken by the Bots. With major security features in place to protect patients, clients, and the organization itself, automation is enhancing operations within the industry and allowing for increased through put and efficiency. Especially throughout the ongoing pandemic, areas which automation can save time and money allows major organizations to prioritize initiatives such as vaccines, boosters, and overall human-care solutions.

Example Use Cases for Automation within Pharmaceuticals and Biotech:

  • Data Migration Between Systems
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting from Discrete Systems
  • Shipment Tracking and Receival
  • Marketing Intelligence and Analytics
  • Dealer Reimbursement and Ordering

Legal and Law Firms

RPA and Smart Automation is becoming a major function in large legal and law firms throughout the united states. With major organization making investments into digital transformation and automation departments within their operations, there are no shortage of use cases for the technology within the industry. Process Automation can be used to help automate various client documentation processes and record keeping tasks within Law firms. For Example, discovery efforts that require the collation of data from multiple sources is a common use case for RPA.

With an industry primarily focused on its clients often in critical need of legal assistance, automation is revolutionary to legal firms. With benefits such as increased throughput, efficiency, and most important accuracy Legal and Law Firms are able to increase their quality of client assistance and have the capacity to help more clients without increasing resources.

Some examples of automation use cases in Legal and Law Firms:

  • Immigration/Labor/Citizen Application Submission
  • Void Check Processing
  • Ingestion and Analysis of Data
  • Contract Templates
  • Audits

Managed IT & Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers

IT is a major business function in all industries. Often the number of requests and tasks the IT department for a large enterprise receives far outweighs the capacity of those IT teams. So how can process automation help? Process Automation allows IT departments to do far more with the team they already have by adding bots to tackle repetitive tasks and fill in the gaps. Automated solutions can handle tasks that often bog down IT such as onboarding and system maintenance. Bots can also help manage and maneuver through complex IT landscapes by accurately sourcing information and data across various systems quickly.

In IT Managed Services & Infrastructure, process automation software can be used for automating the following scenarios:

  • Help Desk Agents
  • System Administration & Provisioning
  • Incident Management
  • Patch Management
  • Third-Party Systems Administration
  • Network Support
  • Database Administration
  • Backup Management

For example, one Accelirate client was able to replace a staff of 3 FTEs responsible for 24×7 System Monitoring by implementing an automation bot. The project was able to be deployed within 2 weeks. The client saw significant ROI and permanent savings from the solution.

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