Automation in Oil, Gas, & Energy

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Oil, gas, and energy companies are no stranger to automation in their daily operations, however they have primarily been focusing on applying physical automation technology to equipment and operations in the field. As the process automation industry has boomed in the last few years, Energy companies and alike have began to implement process automation technology and have seen great success from it on the bottom line.

RPA Industry Use Cases


Data Analytics, Reporting for Exploration, Production


Various Logistics, Trading, Safety Check-Lists, Supply Chain Management.


Pricing, Reporting, Monitoring.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications are commonly used for assisting in cross-company and back-office functions like: Finance, HR, Supply Chain Management systems, and so on. Many of the best use cases come from these areas and as adoption spreads further, oil, gas, and energy companies have found countless other opportunities for process automation and smart automation technologies.

RPA bots are implemented to complete the mundane and repetitive tasks that humans typically perform. These processes are time-consuming, costly to pay employees for, and due to the repetitive nature, are prone to human-error and high turnover rates. This digital solution is changing the way organizations everywhere are operating, and even more specifically revolutionizing oil, gas, and energy business operations.

Some use case process automation examples for the Oil, Gas, and Energy Sector are as follows:

  • Wells Management
  • Employee Hours and Tracking
  • Drilling Reports
  • Data Analytics for Exploration and Production
  • Trading Functions
  • Pricing

To explore more in-depth Oil, Gas, and Energy Automation use cases, you can view Accelirate’s Customer Success Story Booklet for the Industry.

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