Desktop Automation
Implementation on Services

Accelirate’s Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) implementation services are designed to transform the client’s automation program by identifying, automating, and enabling desktop automation at scale.

Unlike RPA bots that function as independent variables, RDA or ‘attended’ bots act as digital assistants that work in tandem with their human counterparts to execute tasks simultaneously.
Whether a business is new to RDA or is aiming to expand their deployments to achieve a bot for every employee, our RDA services were created to provide clients a set of production-ready desktop automation modules as well as a structured roadmap to a robust and scalable RDA program.

We take a programmatic approach to deliver real results


  • IdentifyImplementationAreas
  • Document Curent Time and Quantity of Events per Module
  • Select Automation Modules


  • Verify Technical Approach and Assumptions
  • Automate Defined Tasks into Modules
  • End User Testing and Documentation
  • Hypercare


  • Gather Licensing Requirements and Thresholds for Usage Success
  • Broader Implementation Plan
  • Work Group Training

The RDA Methodology and Delivery Pod includes a team of 3 dedicated automation business analysts and 3 dedicated automation developers. This pod-based approach, in conjunction with Accelirate’s ‘Evaluate, Execute, Enable’ methodology, provides the client a structured roadmap to a robotic desktop automation program capable of assisting around 1,000 employees simultaneously.

Accelirate RDA Client Use Cases

By leveraging the power of these local, targeted automations, enterprises can expand their bot deployments to front-facing business areas while also enabling ‘hybrid’ automations that combine the use of attended and unattended bots to deliver maximum business value.

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