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Success Stories Implementing NLP-Powered Chatbots for Major E-Learning Provider

For any organization, successful customer engagement relies on maximizing and optimizing the potential of digital and physical customer service channels to provide a smooth experience.

Success Stories A $1.5M Lesson in Planning for Scalability: KYC Automation Enhancement for U.S. Bank

One of the biggest roadblocks to a successful RPA implementation is a lack of planning for RPA scalability within the business. Executives who see automation as optional tend to have a “start small” attitude towards RPA adoption.

Success Stories Retirement Plan Client Request Automation

The Money Out Unit at a Major Financial Services Company is responsible for managing client retirement plan-based requests. The team receives email requests from clients asking to either withdraw.

Success Stories Process Discovery Engagement for Large Healthcare

A large-scale Health Maintenance Organization currently services multiple counties throughout California. Going into 2022, the organization is looking to expand into new services areas with an estimated 2,700

Success Stories North American Bank Reduces Manual Input by 76%

A North American Bank offers a checking program that notifies customers when they sign a check for an amount they do not have available in their account. The program allows customers to resubmit their check

Success Stories Implementing Attended Bots for a Major North American Financial Services Institution

A major American financial, retirement and investment firm receives over 3 million calls on average per year through its Client Service Centers, based in three locations across the United States. Approximately.

Success Stories Engineering Firm Automates the Vendor Research Process to Streamline Procurement

The Procurement Team of a Global Technical and Engineering Services Client receives purchasing requisitions for products and parts on a daily basis. To perform the Vendor Research Process, the Procurement.

Success Stories Salesforce to Legacy System Document Upload

The Document Processing team at an online education client receives documents as attached to Salesforce’s custom objects. The processors read, rotate, crop, and convert the various file types and multiple.

Success Stories Gross to Net Payroll Reconciliation

The Global Finance Unit of a worldwide technology conglomerate is responsible for processing employee payroll each month. Before automation, this process involved a team of ten analysts comparing the data.

Success Stories Financial Status Report Automation for Manufacturing Firm

BUSINESS SCENARIO The Accounting Unit at a Large Manufacturing Company creates a financial status report each week displaying all quarterly and year-to-date orders, shipments, backlog, and shippable backlog.

Success Stories Optical Character Recognition: Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing at a Major Manufacturing Company is an extremely manual task that consumes up to 75% of the Account Payable team’s day. The Invoice Processing function is essential to the company’s operations.

Success Stories Equity Investment Reporting

A Global Oil & Gas Exploration Company employs a team of Financial Analysts each month to close out all projects from the previous month and run queries on project cash flows. The main purpose of this Equity.

Success Stories Medical Billing Claims FPM

The billing department of a National Auto Insurance Company processes thousands of CMS 1500 forms each month for medical claims billing – a manual process that takes several hours of each billing agent’s workday.

Success Stories Auto Insurance: Good Driver Discount Adjustment Process

A major American Auto Insurance company offers a discount for their policy holders who complete a “Cautious Driver” course. After course completion, the Insurance company receives files from three different.

Success Stories Inventory and Non-Inventory Invoice Processing

A $250 Million-Dollar International Manufacturing and Retail Company uses both SAP for data entry and DocuWare to keep track of their inventory and non-inventory invoices. Currently the Accounts Payable department.

Success Stories OCR Invoice Processing

The Accounts Payable Department for an international manufacturing company is responsible for locating and uploading all incoming invoice information into the company’s SAP system.

Success Stories Payroll and Transactional Queue Automation

The Shared Services division of a large manufacturing company is responsible for overseeing the payout of wages and salaries to their employees across a number of different plants and locations both inside.

Success Stories Check Void Processing

The Accounting Department for a Major Global Law Firm is responsible for stacks of unused checks that need to be voided in an internal accounting system. This process involves looking up each check in an internal folder.

Success Stories Suspense Processing Automation

A Major Loan Servicing Company is responsible for managing their borrower’s suspense accounts. The administrative department is responsible for looking through 160 loans daily and moving money.

Success Stories Machine Learning and RPA: How to Automate the Enrollment Process

A Leading Online Education Provider Company is affiliated with more than 300 schools in the U.S. and receives more than two million applications from potential students annually.

Success Stories Create Credit Disputes: A Customer Service Solution

A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company receives more than 200 Credit Dispute Complaints from customers daily. Utilizing a staff of three FTE’s and Four Credit Agents to investigate, action.

Success Stories Know Your Customer Data Download: RPA Implementation in a KYC Process

For any company Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of running a profitable business. Being able to quickly update, upload, and download accurate and up-to-date information.

Success Stories Notification of Overdue Items: Accounts Receivable Follow Up

A Global Insurance Company is made up of 100’s of insurance brokers that act as agents for their respective insurance clients. The company has an internal team of accounting employees.

Success Stories Default Management: Automating Mortgage Breach Letters

The Default Management Function was originally broken into four separate business units by the client. Within one of these units was an important activity called “Breach” that involved a loan servicer.

Success Stories Predictive Modeling: A Marketing Solution

Every month the client considers a large group of people with mortgages to potentially send out offers of refinance to. Before machine learning became a solution to this, hand-written rules were manually.

Success Stories A Solution to Default Reporting

Fannie Mae provides incentives to loan servicing companies to provide accurate reporting for all loans under their portfolio. The Electronic Default Reporting Process requires coordinators to go through a report.

Success Stories Automated Data Entry

Data updates to systems can be cumbersome especially if there isn’t a standard data structure and the system does not allow for bulk updates through spreadsheets. A common example of such an update are product.

Success Stories Employee On Boarding – HR Automation

Employee On-boarding requires various verifications and data entry into multiple systems. These include, employment and background verification, payroll and IT provisioning systems to name a few.

Success Stories Invoice Processing

Accounts Receivable staff spends a considerable amount of time chasing payable invoices. An out of control of aging AR can result in considerable strain on business cash-flows, hence accounting teams.

Success Stories Accounts Receivable Follow Up – Accounting

Accounts Receivable staff spends a considerable amount of time chasing payable invoices. An out of control or aging AR can result in considerable strain on business cash-flows, hence accounting teams.

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