RPA-COE Automation Center of Excellence Establishment Program

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RPA-COE Establishment

How can an enterprise establish an RPA-COE? Tried and True, Accelirate has standardized the COE Establishment Methodology and can help an major organization set of a Center of Excellence using the a governance model that best fits the organization’s needs. The basic functions of a COE fall under the following five broad categories:

  • 1Vision
  • 2Strategy and Governance
  • 3Methodology

  • 4Service Model
  • 5People and Technology

Every enterprise conversation we have regarding RPA includes a question about the Automation Center of Excellence. These discussions are typically broad and varied with topics such as “Do we need a COE?”, “How do we set one up?”, “Can you help us set one up?”. Accelirate has studied enterprise automation programs at length and have constructed many programs and COEs from the ground up; this experience has helped to craft a proven COE methodology and has established Accelirate as an expert in this area. The RPA-COE Establishment Program is a way for enterprises to set up an automation center of excellence with expert assistance, avoiding the common missteps, and months of re-configuring or reestablishing a failed COE.

Setting up an automation program for the enterprise requires a thorough understanding of not only the challenges that are unique to RPA but also expertise with infrastructure and Dev Ops. The COE provides various services such as Demand Generation and Management, Process Analysis, Automation Development (Configuration), and ongoing maintenance and support. In order to provide these services efficiently, a successful RPA COE needs to establish three verticals: Strategy, Governance, and Methodology. With the RPA-COE Establishment Program your enterprise will be fully capable of operating and constructing an at scale automation program. Whether you are an MBE or Major Enterprise, Accelirate can help lay the foundation for a robust digital transformation.

RPA-COE Verticals and Program Deliverables


Automation Program Vision Mapping, Opportunity Assessment, Service Model Foundation, and Demand Management Training


Enterprise COE Location Mapping (Where the COE Should Sit), Organizational Operating Model Creation, Determine Execution and Escalation Procedures


RDLC- Process Automation Delivery Methodology, Standardization of Enterprise Automation Procedures, COE Best Practices Coaching