Accelirated Process Discovery

Why Do Automation Programs Fail?

Lack of Formalized Discovery Methodology or “Automation Strategy”

While process automation can take the place of many manual tasks, process discovery isn’t a task that can be automated. Without a formalized discovery methodology, organizations run the risk of application environmental issues, lack of business and employee automation knowledge and training, and worse, automating processes that return low value or are a poor fit for automation.

Lack of Transformation Commitment From Top Management

Without serious investment and automation champions within upper management, it’s difficult for an automation program to achieve scale. Programs without this find themselves spinning their wheels in a single department and struggling to make a real impact with digital transformation throughout the entire business.

Not Having a Robust & Flexible RPA Pipeline

A robust and flexible RPA process pipeline helps create a self-funding automation program that brings the organization confidence in RPA. This ideal pipeline provides continuous opportunities for automation within the business and, more specifically, opportunities that return significant benefits and savings.

Unrealistic Expectations

Automation is something that can provide strategic value to an enterprise when executed correctly. However, not everything can be automated nor should everything be automated. Having a deep understanding of the capabilities of automation is key to prioritizing automation efforts and delivering ROI.

Business Process Analysis and Assessment for
Automation Opportunity Identification

What is Automation Process Discovery?

Process discovery is a value-driven activity that objectively looks at the work performed within a business area to identify automation opportunities that directly address the key motivators of the business. This can take the form of systematically analyzing business processes end-to-end, or simply soliciting ideas for automations directly from process owners. Whichever way process discovery is conducted, the ideas generated are what fuel an automation program and build a robust process pipeline.

Take Automation to the Next Level

Accelirated Discovery is our flagship process discovery service designed to build a pipeline of qualified and ROI-focused automation opportunities quickly and efficiently. Whether an organization has a young automation program and are looking to jumpstart their digital transformation initiatives, or has a mature COE that is looking to expand into new areas, Accelirated Discovery provides an agile, nondisruptive way to take automation to the next level.

Benefits of an Accelirated Discovery Engagement

  • Robust Automation Project Pipeline
  • Knowledge of Automation and Its Impact on the Business
  • Systematically Targeting Returned Value from Automation
  • A Self-Funding Automation Program
  • Objective-Focused
    • We do not simply ask the business what they want to automate
    • We are capture the work being performed, analyzing the work for RPA feasibility as well as potential RPA value, and create a pipeline with high-value opportunities
  • High Visibility Through Proprietary Accelirated Discovery Dashboards
    • The business can see the value of an automation before project execution
    • Can select priority projects based on tangible and evidentiary analysis

Where Can Process Discovery Be Applied?

Virtually any department will have ROI-rich opportunities for automation. No matter the department, Accelirated Discovery can be applied and can even further help decide in which business areas to start. Our business unit assessment tool preliminarily analyzes the RPA feasibility and potential value for different business units within an organization. The Accelirate team is able to guide the client and help them decide which areas to focus in based on business needs and goals.

When Should An Organization Implement

Process Discovery Practices?

100% of successful long-term RPA programs start with a formalized process discovery practice. Formalized discovery practices create self-funding automation programs and bring the organization confidence in RPA.

As long as an automation program is active, there will always be some form of process discovery performed to decide which processes to automate. With Accelirate’s Accelirated Discovery, our automation business analyst team can help clients to achieve an ROI-heavy automation program with a robust pipeline of future automation projects. As organizations adapt and shift their focus towards new goals, continuous discovery can guide organizations to lean and efficient operations fueled by process automation.

The most important thing to remember when tackling automation initiatives is whether or not the best processes are being pursued and what methodology will most effectively accomplish their automation.

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