Accelirated Mining Business Process and Task Mining Service

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As the demand for Process Mining Technologies continues to grow, robust methodologies with clear deliverables and set timelines that provide realized returns are becoming a necessity for any effective Process Mining implementation. Accelirated Mining enables companies to quickly extract value from the Operational Insights compiled by UiPath’s Process Miner, visualizing the bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allowing a clear and measurable change to be implemented, and the resulting ROI to be tracked and monitored in real time.

The main challenge to establishing a successful and “insight-valuable” Process Mining COE is the lack of standardization and methodology across the Organization, resulting in heavy upfront costs and extended time-to-value realization. These challenges often result in Enterprises delaying or avoiding moving forward with establishing a Process Mining COE, believing the initial outlay to be too great to justifying or ending up in a never ending state of “Analysis Paralysis” trying to find the “perfect use case”.

Accelirate helps our clients accelerate their COE establishment and “realize their value” as effectively and efficiently as possible via our proprietary methodology:


  • ActivitiesClient Onboarding, Stakeholder Roundtable, Business/IT Alignment, Milestone Planning
  • DeliverableMilestone Plan


  • ActivitiesSystem/Data Check, Data Extraction, App/Connector Mapping, Data Transformation
  • Deliverable Dashboard


  • ActivitiesMapping Analysis, Tag/Event Customization, Dashboard Creation, Milestone Review
  • Deliverable Value Assessment


  • ActivitiesData Monitoring, Solution Planning, Change Management, Delivery Oversight
  • DeliverableDelivery Plan

The Accelirated Mining program results in compounding organizational value, enabling insightful revelations, and Solutions that are visualized and monitored for efficacy via our custom dashboards. All the deliverables are uncovered and addressed via our Milestone Plan and dashboard build process, which can be delivered in as little as two weeks*

*2 weeks per application.