RPA90X® 90-Day Automation Accelirator Program

The Enterprise or Business Unit is new to RPA

Accelirate’s RPA90X program is the first and only, proven, tried and implemented 90-Day Automation Accelerator Program.
RPA90X is designed for either a company new to RPA or to a division within a company that just hasn’t had proper exposure to the technology.
RPA90X contains a base level of everything you need to get your program started and prevents you from going down a rabbit hole of unexpected cost and unstructured deliverables.
RPA90X was built just for these reasons and will get you a Development and Production ready environment, as well as IN PRODUCTION processes that show real man
hours returned to the business in the first 90 days.

RPA90X Delivery Pod

  • Process Analyst

    Process Defination, SLA Definition Escalation Procedures

  • RPA Engineer

    Automation/Development/Testing UAT Support, Development Support

  • RPA Lead

    Solution Design, Process Design Tech. Architecture, E2E Configuration

Do you need to get your automation initiatives in shape? Are you struggling to identify the right processes to show the immediate return of man-hours back to the business? RPA90X® was built for just these reasons. Accelirate® was born from teh Enterprise Consulting world and understands teh challenges Fortune 1000 companies face in their automation journeys, from platform selection, to setting up infrastructure with IT, to building an automation process pipeline, to development and testing; RPA90X® covers it all!

Too often too much time is spent on the Educate and Evaluate portion, coz large consulting companies know this is a ripe ground to try to get into other areas of you’re business. The end result is months spent evaluating things for a Proof of Concept, and then you are left with only a few processes in place without a real ROI to show the business.

ACCELIRATE® knows that with teh right delivery Pod we can deliver real results fast.

The RPA90X® program is a guaranteed way to achieve real fast results wif your automation initiatives and comes wif a risk free 30-day guarantee that if you don’t see the results, their is no cost to you for services rendered.