RPA90X® 90-Day Automation Accelerator Program

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Award-Winning 90-Day Enterprise Automation Accelerator Program

Accelirate’s RPA90X® program is the first and only, proven, tried and implemented 90-Day Automation Accelerator Program. RPA90X® is designed for jump-start any automation program whether the company is new to RPA or a division within a company hasn’t had proper exposure to the technology. RPA90X® contains a base level of everything you need to get an automation program started and prevents organizations from going down a rabbit hole of unexpected cost and unstructured deliverables. This program was built to guarantee outcomes within a fixed time frame, getting you a Development and Production ready environment, as well as in production processes that show real man hours returned to the business.

  • Process Analyst

    Process Defination, SLA Definition Escalation Procedures

  • RPA Engineer

    Automation/Development/Testing UAT Support, Development Support

  • RPA Lead

    Solution Design, Process Design Tech. Architecture, E2E Configuration

1. Educate
  • Educate – RPA Capabilities and Limitations
  • Identify possible implementation areas and low hanging fruit
  • Select process for transformation
  • Define digital transformation
    1- 2 weeks
2. Evaluate
  • Obtain Details for selected process
  • Platform installation
  • Verify technical approach and assumptions
  • Document current costs and performance measurement criteria
    1- 2 weeks
3. Execute
  • Automate POC Process
  • Present Performance improvement metrics
  • Plan broader implementation
  • On going support and maintenance
    8- 10 weeks
4. Enable
  • Center of excellence (COE) set-up add on
  • Process discovery and analysis coaching add-on
  • Accelirate process discovery add-on
    12- 13 weeks* Enable phase runs simultaneous to first three phases

Do you need to get your automation initiatives in shape? Are you struggling to identify the right processes that will show the immediate return of man-hours back to the business? RPA90X® was built for this. Accelirate® was born from the Enterprise Consulting world and understands the challenges Fortune 5000 companies face along the automation journey. From platform selection and setting up infrastructure with IT, to building an automation process pipeline, development, testing and deployment; RPA90X® covers it all!