Our Methodology

Our Methodology is based on our belief that all Enterprise Automation initiatives must have clearly defined and measurable ROI goals.

Our Methodology

At Accelirate, we have developed a practical and pragmatic delivery methodology that is specifically geared towards Process Automation Projects. This includes both Demand Management as well as project delivery methodologies. Our methodology is designed with the “value to the business” as its central tenet.

We institute a comprehensive evaluation process that captures both expected ROI and implementation effort estimates as we discover Process Automation Opportunities within the enterprise. These opportunities are added to a Process Backlog which allows comparison of prospects across various business units and allows the delivery capacity to be utilized efficiently to areas that will add most value to the Business while optimizing the usage of software licenses and available resources.

Our development methodology is centered around user experience and incorporates ROI and Business Value at every stage. We validate initial assumptions at the Analysis stage to ensure that the value proposition still holds true, now that we know more about a process/function. We ensure that within the Design phase, our process analysts specify KPIs and Metrics so that these can be captured by the Automation Developers. Dashboards definitions and Metric Reporting is included within the execution phase so when the project goes live, the business has all data it needs to be able to monitor and measure performance.


  • Capture Process
  • Gather Data


  • Identify Gaps
  • Validate ROI


  • Detail Process
  • Automation Design
  • KPI and Metrics
  • Plan


  • Develop
  • UAT
  • Deploy
  • Dashboards


  • Support Transition
  • Change Control
  • Reporting