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Accelirate Releases RDA-as-a-Service Offerings for Desktop Automation at Scale

Automation and AI Services firm Accelirate Inc. today announced the release of its newest offering, RDA90X – a 90-day desktop automation accelerator program.

The South Florida-based firm gained industry-wide recognition in 2018 for creating the first complete automation accelerator program, RPA90X, a program designed to jumpstart clients’ RPA initiatives and deliver 3-5 automated processes in just 90 days. Accelirate’s latest desktop automation offering is based on the same foundation and delivery methodology, providing clients with 3-5 Accelirate-built production-ready desktop automations within 90 days.

With the release of RDA90X also comes Accelirate’s RDA365, a full lifecycle management program designed to enable, implement, support and monitor the use of this technology at the user level to ensure the investment has been and continues to be utilized properly. The program was created for enterprise clients who already have desktop bots in production and aim to scale RDA deployment. The RDA365 program includes “Citizen Developer” training to enable users to develop their own automations, with Accelirate providing Citizen Developer support. “Now that we have entered the world with a focus on a Bot for Every Person, companies have been searching for ways to accelerate these initiatives as well as manage the technology as a program, “ said Ahmed Zaidi, Accelirate’s Chief Automation Officer.

While many modern enterprises may implement remote automation for back-office tasks, desktop automation can be just as valuable to digitally transforming front-office tasks. Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) bots run alongside humans to assist with tasks as the human employee carries out their work. These bots function as high-impact digital assistants and can be triggered by an employee at any time to provide help as needed. Desktop automation has proven tremendously advantageous in real-time environments like call centers, in which desktop bots can quickly retrieve and update customer records while the human employee is speaking with the customer. In cases like these, the assistance of the desktop bot provides higher-quality customer service while ensuring real-time, up to date internal records.

Accelirate’s founders, who come from deep Enterprise IT experience, understand the need for technology solutions that enable business operations to continue during times of remote work and staggered hours. The dual release of RDA90X and RDA365 illustrates the company’s commitment to supporting the future of work and providing innovative, value-driven solutions for the modern enterprise.